Gerardo Mejìa, 'Rico Suave' Singer, Says Womanizing Is 'Expected' In His Culture

Gerardo Mejìa found fame in the '90s with his wildly popular song "Rico Suave." It was during this wave of popularity that the rapper found himself bedding somewhere between 500 to 600 women -- despite being married.

According to the "Suave Says" star, it was his Ecuadorian background that normalized infidelity for him.

"In my culture, as a Latin man, it's expected," he explained.

"My mom, when I finally went and 'fessed up about everything, my mom was talking to my wife and she was like, 'well, you know, he's an artist. He's a man,'" Mejìa continued. "It's like, they look at it as that."

And while the singer and his wife are still together today, his trysts still brought consequences.

"We get in trouble too when we get caught," he admitted. "Guys think they're so sly. One day, it comes back."

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