12/01/2014 02:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Little Girl Lets Pet Cow In The House And Their Cuddle Session Is Udderly Adorable

Mom Billie Jo Decker was in for quite a surprise when she found her family's pet baby cow inside her house. The adorable culprit who let the calf in was none other than her 5-year-old daughter Breanna.

Though this video of Breanna trying to explain how the cow got in the house was recorded in April, it went viral over the weekend after Reddit user poooootis posted in on the site. As the insanely cute cuddle session at the 3:30 mark shows, Breanna is a true cow-lover -- much like this young bovine enthusiast who told her mom she loves her "more than cow."

No love compares to that between a kid and a cow.

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