12/02/2014 01:24 pm ET Updated Dec 02, 2014

Ben Carson Blames Feminism For Police Shootings

Laura Segall via Getty Images

Don't worry everyone, conservative activist Ben Carson has got the problem of police shootings under control. He's found the real culprit -- feminism.

Carson, a commentator who frequently appears on Fox News, phoned in as a guest on American Family Radio’s “Today’s Issues” last week, speaking with host Lauren Kitchen Stewards about police brutality and the shooting of unarmed suspects. And he's come to some conclusions.

First, Carson blamed police shootings on fatherless victims, stating that young, black men get shot because they didn't grow up with dads who taught them to handle authority figures:

Usually the father figure is where you learn how to respond to authority. So now you become a teenager, you’re out there, you really have no idea how to respond to authority, you eventually run into the police or you run into somebody else in the neighborhood who also doesn’t know how to respond but is badder than you are, and you get killed or you end up in the penal system.

He then, rather confusingly, blamed the feminist movement for young peoples' sense of "entitlement" -- a tenuous connection at best. According to Carson's logic, feminism made people selfish, which led to broken families, which led to young people feeling "entitled" in their interactions with authority, which led to police shootings. In his own words:

I think a lot of it really got started in the '60s with the "me" generation. "What’s in it for me?" I hate to say it, but a lot of it had to do with the women’s lib movement. You know, "I’ve been taking care of my family, I’ve been doing that, what about me?" You know, it really should be about us.

That's right, folks. Without that pesky feminist movement, police might never shoot unarmed kids in public. Thanks, Carson, for figuring it all out.

h/t Slate