12/03/2014 05:08 pm ET Updated Dec 03, 2014

Ohio State Marching Band Performs Almost All Of 'West Side Story' In 9 Minutes

Last Saturday, Ohio State University took on their rivals at the University of Michigan for the 111th time.

Their marching band performed "West Side Story" at halftime, acting out almost the entire Broadway classic, from Tony singing at Maria's window to the show's devastating ending. They performed "Fanfare," "Tonight," "America," "Gee, Officer Krupke," "Mambo" and "Somewhere," and they totally nailed it.

According to, the band only had three days of field rehearsal to put the performance together.

This isn't the first time The Ohio State University Marching Band has pulled off an impressive halftime show. In September they did a TV tribute called "TV Land" during a game against Virginia Tech, and in a game against the University of Cincinnati they put on a performance of "The Wizard Of Oz."

The Buckeyes beat Michigan 42-28 on Saturday, and it's safe to say the marching band had a victory of their own.



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