12/03/2014 02:37 pm ET Updated Dec 03, 2014

Things Got Tense Between Russell Brand And This Reporter

A tense exchange between Russell Brand and a news reporter at a rally in London ended with the actor calling the reporter a "snide."

Brand appeared at a gathering Monday to protest the potential eviction of residents from a complex in east London. But the comedian and actor seemed to become more of the story when Channel 4 News reporter Paraic O’Brien noted that the super-rich were driving up housing costs. He asked Brand what he paid for his place and suggested Brand was part of the problem.

Here's a journalism 101 lesson: Ask a confrontational question, be prepared for a confrontation. (Watch the exchange, above.)

The Guardian reported that Brand later chided himself for engaging with the journalist. "I'm so easily wound up," he told the news program "Trews."

O'Brien also addressed the incident, saying: