12/03/2014 04:51 pm ET Updated Dec 04, 2014

Thomas Sadoski Likes To 'Challenge People' With 'The Newsroom'

With only two episodes of the entire series left to air, "The Newsroom" will soon be coming to an -- arguably abrupt -- end. The show's three seasons were critically panned -- perhaps due to unrealistic expectations for Aaron Sorkin, the show's writer, as Jeff Daniels suggested. But any work is apt to be ill-received by someone somewhere, insists "Newroom" actor Thomas Sadoski, which is why there's little choice but to shrug the critics off.

"Sad to say it [to] the critics, but no, you don't have any impact. You can't," the actor, who plays Don, told HuffPost Live in an interview Wednesday. He explained further:

So this guy in Baltimore loves the show but this guy in Cleveland hates it, so I'm gonna change what I'm doing to appease the guy in Cleveland and then piss off the guy in Baltimore? We just have to do what we do and people have their opinions about it, and that's just it.

Which isn't to say that the "Wild" star didn't appreciate or agree with some of the critiques of the show.

"You want to challenge people. You want to have discussions started around the work that you're doing. As an artist, that's all you want," he said, celebrating the series' ability to consistently attract media attention.

"People have different opinions about the show," he continued, "and I respect all of them, frankly. I really appreciate when people are big fans of the show. That's nice ... [but] there's been a lot of criticism of the show. Some of it is earned. Some of it is justifiable and justified -- I don't shy away from that."

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