12/04/2014 05:53 pm ET

Asofitu Fio, Convicted Serial Rapist, Asks Judge For Death Penalty

A serial rapist who pleaded guilty to assaulting three women in Honolulu told the judge he wants to die.

Asofitu Fio, who admitted to eight counts of sexual assault and three counts of kidnapping, was sentenced to 40 years in prison. He spoke to the judge through a translator in a Hawaii court on Tuesday, KITV reports.

"I know how serious the crimes I have committed and I believe I deserve the death sentence," said Fio.

Capital punishment has been illegal in Hawaii since 1957.

In 2013, Fio led the Honolulu Police Department on one of the department's biggest manhunts. According to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Police Chief Louis Kealoha said more than 60 officers were involved in solving the case after several women said they were raped in similar ways by a man that matched the same description.

After DNA taken from a crime scene matched a sample from Fio, the 30-year old Samoan admitted to approaching the victims in the doorway of their homes and raping them. Deputy City Prosecutor Rochelle Vidinha says that Fio also punched, choked and smothered his victims, and told them he would kill them if they went to the police.

Fio's lawyer couldn't be reached for comment.



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