12/04/2014 04:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Soon You'll Be Able To Order And Pay For A Latte Before You Even Get To Starbucks

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First wireless charging stations, now mobile ordering? Yep, Starbucks is all about technology these days, and you'll soon be able to place your coffee order by phone before you even arrive at a store.

On Wednesday the coffee chain introduced Mobile Order & Pay for stores in Portland, Oregon -- and has plans to take the feature nationwide in 2015.

"When a customer’s order is placed using mobile ordering, it is immediately sent to their selected store and our world-class Starbucks partners, or baristas, will begin preparing the customer’s ordered items," Starbucks spokeswoman Linda Mills told The Huffington Post. "The mobile ordering feature will provide the customer with an approximate wait time at their selected store prior to purchase."

Mobile Order & Pay is only compatible with the Starbucks app for iPhone, as of now. Mills said customers in Portland can tap the "Menu" tab and tap "yes," which will turn on GPS location services and the option to place an order.

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The feature will be available for Android sometime in 2015, according to the website, and Mills says she expects mobile ordering will improve both customer and employee experience.

"The ease of use, both for customers and [baristas], is expected to increase speed of service, drive incremental transactions and increase throughput across Starbucks stores. We’re continually focused on offering convenience to customers by providing increased accessibility, speed and a stellar finished product."

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