12/04/2014 10:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why This Happy Grandfather Wants To Remove The Device Keeping Him Alive (VIDEO)

Paul Mitchell has a lot to live for -- a grandson he absolutely adores, a daughter he calls the apple of his eye, and a wife who is the love of his life. So why, after suffering a stroke and heart attack, would he refuse a potentially life-saving surgery?

In the above clip from an all-new episode of "Surgeon Oz," Mitchell is in the ICU hooked up to a temporary pump that is keeping his heart functioning. Dr. Mehmet Oz wants to replace his temporary device with a permanent one, but Mitchell is determined to live without the aid of a machine.

"I believe death is natural and normal. These things, on the other hand, I just find an abomination," Mitchell says, looking at the heart pump. "I trust the lord for these things. I just am so convinced I'm going to be OK, that I'm here for a reason."

Though Dr. Oz says he hopes Mitchell is right, he doesn't agree with his decision. "Why would you throw away a safety net when you're walking on a hire-wire?" Dr. Oz asks.

"Because I look at the kind of restrictions it would put on my lifestyle, I'm not sure I could live with it," Mitchell says. "It's life, but at what cost?"

Paul's wife says she understands his decision completely. "As far as living life to the fullest, not being able to take a shower, not being able to go swimming, listening to the batteries chime all night -- I wouldn't want to live that type of life, either," she says.

"Surgeon Oz" airs Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.

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