12/07/2014 05:33 pm ET Updated Dec 07, 2014

High Schooler Scores Touchdown During Championship Game With Jaw-Dropping Front Flip

A high school quarterback wowed the crowd with a jaw-dropping play Saturday night, scoring a touchdown with a front flip over a charging opponent.

During the 4A state football championships at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington, Ross Bowers of Bothell High School made the play in the final seconds of the third quarter.

“That was like a video-game play,” an awestruck teammate told The Seattle Times of Bowers’ acrobatics.

Videos of Bowers’ play has gone viral this weekend. Watch the extraordinary touchdown below:

According to KING-TV, Bowers’ mom, Joanne, is the head gymnastics coach at the University of Washington, so the high schooler has plenty of experience with flips and other gymnastic feats.

"He spends hours on the trampoline and that's what I just saw -- trampoline work right there," coach Tom Bainter said of Bowers’ touchdown.

Bainter told The Seattle Times that he could watch Bowers’ play “a thousand times.”

Saturday was a great night for Bowers overall. Other than the impressive touchdown flip, he is credited with playing a critical role in his school’s victory against Chiawana High School.

Bothell clinched the state championship title with an emphatic 24-14 win.

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