12/08/2014 12:45 pm ET Updated Dec 08, 2014

Greek Moms Discuss The Appeal Of Having Kids Later In Life

Greek women seem to be in no rush to have children.

During a conversation with HuffPost Live about Greek parenting, Simplicity Parenting counselor Lambrini Stamati estimated that the average Greek woman is now waiting until 35 to have kids, and full-time mother of two Irina Kertsikoff agreed.

"I think as the years pass by, women decide to have a family much later in life," Kertsikoff told HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd. "They work first, they become independent and then eventually they find the right guy [and] have a family and that takes you up to about 35, 38 [years old]."

This trend isn't limited to Greece. Research indicates that more American women are also delaying pregnancy, and the average age of a woman at the time of her first birth has continued to increase over the past four decades.

Watch HuffPost Live's full #WorldParents conversation on parenting in Greece here.

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