12/08/2014 12:22 pm ET Updated Dec 14, 2014

An Inspiring Look Inside Jerusalem's Interfaith Kindergarten

In the midst of rising religious tension, the Jerusalem International YMCA school is a bastion of interfaith coexistence.

Muslim, Jewish and Christian children enrolled in the kindergarten program come from all over the city, and each class is taught by two teachers, one of whom is a Hebrew speaker and one who is an Arabic speaker. Getty profiled the school in a series of inspiring photographs that show children of varied backgrounds interacting and working with teachers.

The series comes at a fragile time after another interfaith school in Jerusalem, the Max Rayne Hand in Hand school, was set on fire and vandalized with anti-Arab graffiti on Nov. 29.

Rachel Azaria, the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem said in a statement: “Harming this school is a horrific crime perpetrated by people who want to destroy any place that creates real cooperation between Jews and Arabs despite our fears and differences. We will not let them do this. The municipality of Jerusalem fully supports the school and we will ensure their continued to work.”

Such instances remind us why interfaith initiatives are crucial now more than ever.

Kindergarten at Jerusalem YMCA


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