12/10/2014 09:47 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Alabama Minister Wesley Savage Opens Church At Buffalo Wild Wings

For people who love chicken wings and religion, an Alabama minister's plan to open a church at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant is a godsend.

On Dec. 14, the Riverchase United Methodist Church in Birmingham will begin holding Sunday morning services at a local franchise.

The church's youth pastor, Rev. Wesley Savage, says the 45-minute service is targeted to "a population that would attend a service there that wouldn't go to a church," according to

There's no need to worry that parishioners will stain the hymn books with wing sauce.

"We're going to be meeting before Buffalo Wild Wings officially opens for business," Savage told "It will be a time of prayer and devotion."

Wing fans should be warned: No beer will be served as part of the service.

"I've had that question come up," Savage said. "We're going to encourage people to stay for lunch, stay for sports. This is part of the partnership. We'll help them with their business because they're helping us."

The services have been dubbed "The Stream."

Church signs promise, "Wings. Prayer. Sports."

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