12/09/2014 10:49 pm ET

Watch The University Of Oregon's Powerful 'Ducks Do Something' Video

"Sexual assault, suicide, alcohol abuse, racism" are real issues, and they happen on the University of Oregon's campus. That's something a group of student leaders is making clear in a recent video promoting bystander intervention and a culture of respect among Oregon Ducks.

The video was published this semester as part of the university's effort to join the White House's "It's On Us" campaign to stop sexual violence.

"We tell that guy she's clearly not interested," one fraternity brother says, referring to bystander intervention, the practice of intervening in potentially dangerous situations including a potential sexual assault.

However, UO's version extends beyond sexual assault. It's an effort to stop racist and homophobic jokes, to stop students from binging on alcohol, or to get them to offer help for a friend who "seems suddenly distant and withdrawn."

"We say something, we do something," the students declare.

To be a Duck, the students say, is to treat women, yourself and everyone with respect. And considering the viral video about how to treat intoxicated women with respect from UO students in 2013, that statement should be no surprise.

Watch the entire video above.