12/09/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

16 Style Tricks You Need To Make It Through Holiday Party Season In One Piece

Holiday parties are the best part of the season -- whether it's an office, friends or family affair, it's bound to be fun.

But, there are always some obstacles that try to bring down our #partyhard vibe -- like ripping our tights or misplacing our coat check ticket. Don't worry, though, because we've got you covered. From the madness of wardrobe malfunctions to the hysteria (yes, hysteria) caused by missing purses, here are some style tips and tricks that'll keep you fresh as fa-la-la-la-la during your holiday party hopping spree.

1. Call ahead to see if there's a coat check, so you know how much baggage you can bring (or not).

2. Consider safety pins your confidants -- they'll act as buttons, will put broken jewelry back together AND they will mend purse straps.

3. Wear garments with zippered pockets, so you can keep your cell phone, credit card or lipstick on you.

4. Boob tape is a gift sent from heaven to make you look killer in your sparkly, sequined dress.

5. Don't give up your coat if your phone is in an unzipped coat pocket. Think of it -- your jacket gets thrown onto a bed with 20 other coats, said phone falls out of your jacket pocket and is never to be found again.

6. Bring a small bottle of clear nail polish to dab on random runs in your tights or stockings.

7. If you wear a scarf, tuck your long strands into it so the wind doesn't make your hair stick to your bold lipstick or gloss.

8. Fleece-lined tights and cashmere socks never hurt anybody.

9. A cross-body bag is the way to go so you can hold your drinks and more drinks.

10. Get gel-inserts, because heels hurt.

11. Make sure to wear tights that don't have holes at the toes -- you never know when you'll be asked to take your shoes off!

12. Pocket tissues will always come in handy.

13. Put some dryer sheets in your bag to combat static messes.

14. Remember Every. Single. Detail. about your coat and bags, so if you lose your ticket, you can expertly point out your goods.

15. If you can avoid it, leave nonessential winter accessories at home so they don't get lost.

16. Finally, layer to your heart's content, so you can keep warm or keep cool inside and outside the soiree.



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