12/10/2014 04:17 pm ET Updated Dec 10, 2014

Only Two Presidents In Recent History Have Gained Approval During Their Time In Office

It's no secret approval ratings have a history of tanking in U.S. presidents' second terms in office. It's the reason we anticipate the president's party will take a beating when the second term midterm elections roll around -- as evidenced by the Republican wave we witnessed this November.

But not all presidents are subject to a slump during their time in office. President Franklin D. Roosevelt saw a 9 percent boost in approval from the beginning of his four-term presidency to the end of it, and President Bill Clinton saw a 12 percent increase.

FindTheBest, an online research engine, collected data on recent U.S. presidents' approval ratings over the course of their time in office. Interact with their findings below:

Presidential Approval Ratings - Start vs. End | FindTheBest U.S. Presidents - First Term Approval Ratings | FindTheBest U.S. Presidents - Second Term Approval Ratings | FindTheBest


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