12/11/2014 04:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mama June's Mother And Daughter Both Think She's "Full Of It" (VIDEO)

"Mama June" Shannon has denied reports that she has rekindled her romance with the man convicted of sexually molesting her oldest daughter when she was 8. Her mother, Sandra, says her daughter is a liar and in denial about the past.

“I’m very disgusted with her,” Sandra tells Dr. Phil in the video above. “Any mother who would come and bring a sex offender, knowing he’s a sex offender, with her children around, knowing what already had happened to one of her children. I think she’s still in denial. I think she’s been in denial all this time.”

“You mean you think she still doesn’t believe [Anna]?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I do, in some ways. I don’t think she believes what happened to Anna,” she says.

“Did she just boldfaced look me in the eye and lie to me?” asks Dr. Phil, who met with Mama June in person to hear her side of the story.

“Yes, sir,” Sandra says.

On Dr. Phil Thursday, Mama June’s oldest daughter, Anna, describes the abuse she suffered at 8 years old at the hands of Mama June’s then-boyfriend. And, Anna sees her Uncle Poodle for the first time in nearly a year. Click here to see where you can watch.

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