12/11/2014 08:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

15 Side Effects Of Getting Back From Study Abroad

Studying abroad changes us in the best possible way. As our souls (and our stomachs, and our alcohol tolerances) grow during this experience, we become different people than before.

So different, in fact, that home just doesn't feel the same anymore. Watch out for these common side effects of study abroad withdrawl, and prepare to handle reverse culture shock when it hits.

1. You're stunned by the ability to understand everything that happens around you.
Everyone here speaks my language? And I CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY'RE SAYING?! Sensory overload.

2. Food items suddenly look super-sized.
Where are the teeny-tiny coffee cups? And the sandwiches with one singular slice of meat?

3. Extreme mood swings due to absence of doner kebab.
Nope, that 7-Eleven on the corner doesn't serve shaved meat. It's, *sniff*, alright, *sniff*. We'll, *sniff*, just eat chips *sniff*.

4. You can't understand why the bar closes before 6 a.m.
What is this early curfew business? And where are the 2-for-1 shots that they pour right into your mouth? And why do you have to be older than 21, again?

5. You can now put as much stuff as you want in your backpack.
Nope, EasyJet's outrageous luggage weight limits do not exist here. Cram it in!

6. You really miss authentic pasta.
And authentic crepes. And authentic bread. WHY does America make EVERYTHING taste so darn boring?

7. You have a sudden urge to travel the U.S. every weekend.
We flew to a whole new country every weekend while we were abroad... so WHY are we not flying to North Dakota every weekend while we're in the U.S.?

8. "When I was abroad..." seems to word-vomit itself into every sentence you speak.
Oops, did I just name-drop my life-changing experience again? Sorry.

9. You can't BELIEVE the sky-high price of hotel rooms.
This is an injustice! Do people know how little those Europeans are paying for hostels?!

10. You're suddenly Instagram famous.
Everyone's gushing about how much they loooved the photos you posted... is this what fame feels like?

11. You have a sudden yearning to sleep in a bunk above someone you barely know.
Hostel life: weird while it's happening, but so epic after the fact.

12. You insert foreign-language sayings into everyday sentences.
Oh what, you don't say that here?

13. Every building looks really, really modern.
After living somewhere so historic, it's quite trippy to suddenly occupy spaces built during this century.

14. You don't have to convert prices to dollars in your head anymore.
But let's be honest... you stopped converting Euro to dollars after two weeks anyway. It's better for everyone if we just pretend it's all the same thing.

15. You realize you didn't miss that much, after all.
All that FOMO? Not necessary. You grew, you changed, and you had the experience of a lifetime!



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