12/12/2014 01:48 pm ET Updated Dec 12, 2014

Are College Students Tempted To Sleep With A Hometown Ex During Breaks?

College students across the country are preparing to head home for winter break, and many of them will meet a dangerous temptation right in their hometown: "ex sex."

What exactly is ex sex? Brown University sex columnist Margot Harris defined it in a piece last week as "the sex that occurs after one breaks up with one's high school sweetheart and then comes back from college during one of the assorted breaks." Research shows this isn't uncommon among young adults: one study found nearly half of people ages 17 to 24 had gotten back together with an ex, and in more than half sex was part of the equation.

But why exactly does a break from college and all its new and exciting potential conquests make us want to sleep with the old boyfriend or girlfriend we tossed out with our high school homework? HuffPost Live asked Harris and two other college sex columnists on Thursday about whether "ex sex" can ever be a good idea.

Watch that conversation in the video above, and click here for the full HuffPost Live segment about sex and relationship trends on college campuses.

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