12/12/2014 10:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Frankie Sharp Presents: 'A Christmas Carry'

This holiday season, there's only one Christmas party when you can rage with your favorite queers from all across the spectrum in New York City -- and it isn't in Manhattan.

Frankie Sharp, organizer of weekly turn ups WestGay and GIRLS, has curated a massive line-up of artists, performers, designers and nightlife personalities for his holiday party, appropriately titled "A Christmas Carry."

Taking place Sunday, Dec. 14 at Good Room in Brooklyn, "A Christmas Carry" really seems to embody the celebration of queer and chosen family this holiday season. The event not only features the sounds of DJs Nita Aviance, Juliana Huxtable and others, but performances from Remy Ma, NYC favorite La'Fem Ladosha and post-drag collective Chez Deep. Hosts for the event are also impressive, including queer designer BCALLA, party curators and art collective The Culture Whore, Witches of Bushwick and House of Bushwig -- just to name a few.

At a time of year where queer family is more important than ever, The Huffington Post chatted with Sharp this week about his vision for "A Christmas Carry" and what attendees can expect.

christmas carry

The Huffington Post: What's your vision for A Christmas Carry?
Frankie Sharp: I want it to be WestGay on steroids. This party is EVERYONE I've worked with over the last couple of years -- save a few names on the talent roster -- but I think everyone will be there. I hope so, anyways -- I want everyone I love there! Everyone I work with at my weekly parties WestGay and GIRLS have become family and this is our end of the year Family Holiday Celebration (that we're opening to the public via ticket sales). An end of the year celebration to reflect on all the awesome accomplishments we have made this year.

2014 was GLORIOUS for #TEAMNEWYORK. The space for this event -- Good Room -- is my favorite part! It’s wonderful, sexy, shady... you know, all of that fun stuff. Two rooms, two sound systems and a red lit performance room where Chez Deep will be performing. They're going to do their version of Christmas carols alongside some slutty Santa Clause played by a famous actor I don’t get to mention yet and a porn buddy of mine who likes to get naked. The House of Labeija are the vogueing elves and Artpop Star Kayrizz is Mrs. Clause. We will have a photographer on hand taking Sears-type Santa Portraits too.

house of bushwig
House of Bushwig

It's the circus I always talk about, but magnified and really HOMO for the holidays. It's a big departure from the dilapidated strip club of The Westway and the Dive Bar - Mini Club that Lovegun is. I'm so excited for everyone to see this space filled with this specific group of characters.

One of the most reoccurring complaints about nightlife today is how isolated the scenes are. You're bringing together a lot of different scenes from across the queer spectrum -- what is the intention behind curating the party in this way?
The idea was to collect all of the artists and musicians that I love and have helped me and supported me through all of my endeavors this year and to celebrate them. Without everyone else, what good am I? I always think it's important to make all of my events a “mixer” of different “sororities," "fraternities” or, I guess in this case, “Houses.” Our lil' Gay Gangs. I personally never like just hanging out with the same ol’ faces. People want to take home new trade they've never seen before or they just want new fun people to play with in the playground. Exchanging dances, ideas or just slurred drunken words.

Witches of Bushwick

The holidays are an isolating time for a lot of queer people, making queer family more important than ever. How is this party embodying the idea of queer family and why is this important to you?
So important. I love knowing that when we're all in one space together or preparing to enter that space, we all have the same collective goal in mind: to support each other and support each other’s Turn Up. I don’t exclude people -- ever. Everyone is welcome, unless you’re an asshole or a mean person who hates themselves. I don’t get to see my own family this year because this December has been my busiest work month, so this is my big Christmas celebration... aside from the one I'm going to have with my boyfriend and my dog the morning of the 25th. So THIS family celebration is VERY important to me.

chez deep
Chez Deep

How is this party informed by Westgay and GIRLS, your other major events in NYC?
Its all the talent we have at WestGay and GIRLS on the regular, but now with a little more muscle -- bold faced people like Hood By Air, Nicola Formichetti, Zaldy and BCALLA hosting. They’ve all come to play at WestGay and GIRLS, now they can rule the roost too... or at least pretend like they do with copious amounts of bottles. I love being able to take care of everyone. Sorry, I really am just so excited for this event!

What does 2015 hold for Frankie Sharp?
A winning year full of happiness and authentic living. I plan to entertain the city of New York and whoever else will pay attention until I tire of it. Spoiler alert: I never tire of a good time!

"A Christmas Carry" will take place Sunday, Dec. 14. Head here for tickets or here for more information.