12/14/2012 09:07 am ET Updated Dec 12, 2014

Winter Soup Recipes So Thick You Can Stand A Spoon Up In Them

After a bowl or two of these, we're sure that the winter chill won't stand a chance.

Guys, it is officially cold out. No matter what part of the country you live in, we're sure that by now you've felt at least a few degrees drop in temperature. And you know what that cold weather means? It's soup season. Not just any kind of soup either, but serious, hearty, soul-warming soup that's thick enough to stand a spoon up in. The kind of soup that says: come at me with all you got winter, I can take it.

In case you actually don't know what kind of soup we mean, we gathered the heartiest of the heartiest recipes out there for you to try. From thick broccoli and cheese to pureed butternut to hearty root vegetable stews, here are the soups you need to get through these coming winter months.

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Soup Recipes