12/14/2014 03:15 pm ET Updated Dec 14, 2014

Jarrett Jack Graduates From Georgia Tech, More Than Nine Seasons After Leaving For NBA

Jarrett Jack of the Brooklyn Nets has played in more than nine NBA seasons, but on Saturday he made one of his most powerful moves off the court.

Jack graduated from Georgia Tech, sandwiching the commencement ceremony in Atlanta between the Nets' victory on Friday in Brooklyn and a game Saturday night in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Scheduling was tight so Jack took a private jet with his mother.

Jack credited his parents for challenging him to finish what he started. He left Georgia Tech his junior year to enter the 2005 NBA draft.

"It was a long, rough road, but I’m finally here, and I’m happy to get to it," he said through a Nets rep.

Jack completed his Business Management degree and was traded to the Nets in the offseason. He was averaging 9 points and just over 3 assists a game this season after Friday's victory over Philadelphia. But Nets Coach Lionel Hollins congratulated his player for a job well done away from athletics.

"I told him good luck, and that it is a wonderful accomplishment," Hollins said of the graduation. "I tell the media all the time that there is more to life than just a basketball game."

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