12/15/2014 08:30 am ET Updated Dec 19, 2014

How One Family Turned A 45-Room Hotel Into One Incredible Home

A home doesn't always have to be a traditional house. It can be a shipping container. Or, a giant structure that resembles a group of mushrooms. Or for one lucky family, an old hotel that was the starting point for one incredible living space.

To make the large building better fit the needs of a small family, Dr. Anthony Sylvester and his wife, Donna, organized the floorplan into three levels, each with a different purpose. They first renovated the hotel, eliminating many of the individual rooms (45 rooms would be a lot to handle, decor-wise), then set out to define the space as follows: The bottom level is for storage, the second floor is a "playground" for the kids and the top floor acts as the main living area.

While the renovation did reconfigure the hotel, historical details like original wood floors still remain, providing the home with completely original character. For a full tour of this unusual space, check out the video above.



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