12/15/2014 12:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Watch These Kids Sing, Dance And Fly Their Way To Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood actors appear larger than life on the big screen. But what everyone really wants to see is what they were like before they got famous.

We’ve partnered with Sony Picture’s ‘Annie’ (in theaters December 19) to round up amazing performances of the pre-Hollywood generation: kids!

Watch these young actors and performers -- who are clearly destined for big things -- show off their skills in school productions, talent shows, youth theater performances and even home videos. Prepare to be inspired!

High School Foursome Reenacts ‘Ok Go’ Performance

Remember in 2006 when OK Go breathed new life back into the music video with their ‘treadmill performance?’ Just a year later, four high schoolers recreated the magic for Granbury High School's 2007 Talent Show. They may not have gotten as much public appraisal as the original version, but the applause overheard in this video, shot by Ben Hiler, shows how much the audience appreciates their skills.

Preteen Presents Number From 'Thoroughly Modern Millie'

At just 12 years old, Yael Eden performed the part of Millie in Lyric Opera Summer Academy’s production of “Thoroughly Modern Millie” with the professional air of a woman twice her age. Now 16, Eden continues to pursue her love for theater by participating in her high school’s productions and updating her YouTube channel...while studying for the SATs!

Supercut Of CTC’s ‘Buccaneers’

A pirate’s life isn’t just for the likes of Hollywood actors like Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks. Megan Fisher successfully walks the plank in The Children's Theater Company's 2012 original production of Buccaneers. Playing the part of heroine Edin Arabella, Fischer, just 14 at the time, demonstrates her true calling as a leading lady.

Grade School Boys Perform Hilarious ‘Synchronized Swimming’ Skit

This routine, performed by eight boys in W.A. Porter Elementary School’s fifth grade class, is equal parts hilarious and impressive. Mimicking a synchronized swimming routine on stage in front of a captivated (and chuckling) audience at the school’s end-of-the-year talent show, these boys (all 11 at the time) really know how to make a splash.

This High School’s Rendition of Peter Pan Rises Above

Peter Pan, a classic, is undoubtedly a top pick when it comes to high school productions. But the real magic -- besides the kind in Neverland -- of Division High School’s version is that the fairy dust actually works. That’s right: you can take “I’m flying” literally, as lead Kara Burke (as Peter Pan) soars across the stage. Directed by Andrea Galeno and filmed by Ryan Nolin, this production called in reinforcements from ZFX Flying to keep cast members safely in the air.

9-Year-Old Sings Powerful Version of ‘Let it Go’

At this point, you’ve heard many renditions of the “Let it Go” song from Disney’s popular movie, “Frozen” -- but you probably haven’t heard one quite like this. Annelise Forbes, now 10, was just 9 years old when she recorded this heartfelt delivery of the fan favorite. After her personal performance went viral, Annelise appeared on “Rachael Ray,” where she met Kristen Bell, and later performed the song for a sold-out crowd of 3,000 in Toronto as part of a charity event.

“Tomorrow” from Fishweir Elementary Performance

In this heartwarming version of “Tomorrow” from the musical “Annie,” the redheaded orphan (who in this case is 10-year-old sixth grader Jetti Godwin) has some help singing the optimistic tune thanks to her furry sidekick. Jetti, now 12, just finished up a part in “Legally Blonde” and is attending LaVilla School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sony Pictures Entertainment is a proud supporter of Turnaround Arts, a signature program led by the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities, that uses arts education as a tool to help turnaround America’s struggling schools. Share your own amazing actors, actresses and performances below, using the hashtag #AnnieMovie.



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