12/16/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rent The Runway's Unlimited Accessories Program Will Triple Your Closet For $49 A Month

So many clothes, so little time. That could be my mantra for 2014.

As HuffPost's fashion editor, it's my job to be hyper-aware of all the amazing clothes and accessories on the market. That said, I sadly can't purchase everything I see, even though I wish I could. So when I heard about Rent the Runway's unlimited accessories program, which, as Fortune described, is basically like Netflix for your closet, I was overjoyed. I decided to test it out during the busy holiday season to see what it was all about.

How It Works: For a monthly fee, customers receive access to an unlimited amount of designer accessories from Rent the Runway and can choose from a selection of statement pieces, including handbags, leather jackets, jewelry and more -- think Loeffler Randall bags, Lulu Frost bracelets and Balenciaga sunglasses. Subscribers keep up to three items at a time, for as long as they want. All they have to do is log on to, create a queue of items, and Rent The Runway will send the listed items to customers as they become available. Once a subscriber is finished with an item, they can send it back to Rent The Runway and another item will be sent in its place. If a customer happened to fall in love with something, the item is almost always available for purchase at almost 30 percent off the retail price.

Cost: $49 per month.

rent the runway

A selection of the items I received.

Why I Liked It: Unlimited accessories for a month -- that is a total closet game-changer. Not only could I carry a new bag every week, but I could send it back as soon as I got sick of it. Return shipping is free and Rent The Runway even supplies the pre-labeled envelopes and bags, so the entire process is so easy. It was also a fun way to experiment with my style, as I added items to my queue that I would never actually buy, then tried to make them work in my closet. I also never knew which items in my queue were coming next, which was kind of exciting -- it was like getting a present every time I opened a package.

Why I Didn't Like It: Currently, there doesn't seem to be a huge selection. Though Rent The Runway is adding more items all the time, there weren't dozens of accessories I wanted to try. Of the items I added to my queue, not all of them were available, so a few times I just got sent random filler pieces that I didn't love. The program didn't allow me to specify when I wanted specific items in my queue, so I couldn't plan an outfit around an accessory from the unlimited program, which was frustrating at times.

Overall rating: 3 out of 5. I think once Rent The Runways' accessories selection expands, this subscriber program will be the perfect service. But for picky customers, I suggest holding off for now. That said, this is a cheap and easy way to change up your look without breaking the bank.

Rent the Runway provided this service for review purposes.



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