12/17/2014 05:31 pm ET Updated Dec 17, 2014

The Holderness Family Is Done Making Christmas Videos

The Holderness Family skyrocketed to Internet fame after their #XMASJAMMIES YouTube video went viral in 2013. Since, they've parodied back to school, Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas again. But the North Carolina-based family says you won't see another music video next Christmas.

"We had fun with the one this year," Penn Holderness told HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker in a Wednesday interview. "'Star Wars' had three, and [our] trilogy's done."

Kim Holderness, his wife, said she "doesn't feel a huge pressure" to continue on with the Christmas videos, as the family has branched out with their viral videos to include commercial work.

Penn jokingly added that he might reconsider doing a Christmas video under one circumstance. "I will let my kids produce it," he said, "and it would be fun!"

Watch more from the Holderness' interview with HuffPost Live here.

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