12/17/2014 12:10 pm ET Updated Dec 17, 2014

Jimmy Fallon And Nicki Minaj Aren't Too Proud Of Their Yearbook Photos

Jimmy Fallon and Nicki Minaj managed a courageous feat on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday, revealing their high school yearbook photos to an entire audience (and everyone watching at home).

Fallon first mentioned that in honor of Minaj's recent birthday, Beyonce posted Minaj's high school yearbook photo along with a sweet message for the birthday girl. Even though the "Anaconda" singer said that she "hates" the picture, she did post it to her Instagram account for the world to see:

So to make the 32-year-old feel better about her photo, the "Tonight Show" host had to even the playing field.

"I'll show you what a bad yearbook picture is. This guy scares me," Fallon said, before a retro photo of a young Fallon with messy hair and a striped sweater appeared on the screen.

This isn't the first time Fallon's yearbook has garnered some attention. In grade school, his classmates voted him "Most Likely to Take Over For David Letterman." While that didn't exactly happen, he ended up taking over for Jay Leno and is now a major player in the late night game. Too weird!



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