12/17/2014 05:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 9 Best Things Lindsay Lohan Has Said Since She Told Us To Dip Oreos In Peanut Butter

Lindsay Lohan may have won the masses over with "Mean Girls," but if you ask us, "The Parent Trap" was truly her best cinematic achievement. Because really, anyone who can fake a british accent, play a set of twins and introduce the world to the greatest snack of all time (peanut butter and Oreos, of course,) should be recognized as a star.

Now, thanks to a new interview with Into The Gloss, in which Lohan goes into great detail about everything from her beauty routine to her favorite ways to de-stress, we have 9 new reasons to praise the sometimes-controversial starlet. Some of these quotes are funny, some are wise, but all are incredibly entertaining. Check them out below.

1."My friend from Dubai told me about Astral Cream, which is amazing. A lot of my friends from Riyadh use it, actually. It’s good because it’s like La Mer, but there’s not as much fragrance in it and it shines your skin. It’s cheap, but I think it’s better! People don’t realize that even some of the best wines are the cheaper ones."
Cheaper = better. Got it.

2."Water is so boring."
lindsay lohan
Preach, girl.

3."As a kid I used to hate my freckles and would always cover them. I don’t really feel that way now, and they’ve faded so much anyway that it’s not at the front of my mind."
Self-acceptance FTW!

4."I hate sitting through manicures -- it’s therapeutic for me to put it on myself, like an exercise in patience."
Not to mention way more cost efficient.

5."I’ve gone through the crazy nails phase, with the fake nails and all that shit, which I can’t do anymore. I’m past it, I like something more natural now."
lindsay lohan 2

6."Sometimes I mix fragrance oils and put it in the ends in my hair so the smell stays with me. If I wear black, I’ll put perfume all over my clothes."
Hair perfume? Genius!

7."I don’t take baths… I filled the tub once, but never used it. I think baths are gross—you’re sitting in your own filth!"

8. "I practice Naam yoga. It’s fun, it’s not boring yoga -- you’re almost dancing."
lindsay lohan 3
Admit it, sometimes you think yoga is boring, too.

9. "I light sage if there’s someone that comes over that makes me feel like I need to cleanse the house -- I’m serious. I sage people out! During Speed-the-Plow, I went to everyone’s dressing rooms and did it."
Good vibes are the best vibes.



You've Come A Long Way, Lindsay