12/17/2014 01:08 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Russell Tovey On 'Looking' Sex Scenes With Jonathan Groff, Baring His Butt And That 'Rim Job' Cake

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Out British hunk Russell Tovey says shooting steamy love scenes on HBO's "Looking" with co-star Jonathan Groff "just feels so cool."

"We're such good mates now and we laugh and we love doing our scenes together," Tovey, who will become a series regular on the second season of "Looking," tells PrideSource's Chris Azzopardi. "Neither of us hold back or feel any pang of responsibility for the other one when it comes to that. We just trust each other on a completely open level. Either of us could go to the other, 'Hey, you should put your dick in there.'"

Castmates celebrated Tovey's 33rd birthday with a cake featuring an almost-NSFW message that, as it turns out, could be a hint of what lies in store for the boys on "Looking."

Tovey shared an image of the naughty confection on Instagram:

My amazing @lookinghbo birthday cake #rimjob #looking #sanfrancisco #hbo #castro #33

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"As the season goes on you'll see where that comes from," Tovey quips. "We were on a night shoot during our lunch and that cake turned up and I was over the moon. My mom and dad were like, 'Oh, I love the cake. Not sure about the rim job. Yeah, not sure of the words -- but the cake looks lovely!'"

As for the attention his well-sculpted derrière has gotten on social media, Tovey notes, "In the future, I imagine myself looking back and going, 'God, I had a nice ass. Glad I got that out.' If it's there now, I'm getting it out because it's not always gonna look like that ... I've grown it myself, and I also have my parents to thank for it being well-received."

In regard to the impact of "Looking," he adds, "This show is where we are now -- in a place where it feels we've moved on so far that we're able to make a show like this."

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The second season of "Looking" debuts on HBO on Jan. 11.



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