12/18/2014 04:49 pm ET

These #WorstDateIn5Words Tweets Will Make You Laugh At How Awkward Dating Is


Whether you're single, in a relationship or adrift in the sea known as "It's complicated," just be happy if you can't relate to any of these dating snafus.

The Twitter hashtag #WorstDateIn5Words was a trending topic on Thursday and prompted thousands of tweets from people who have lived to tell the tale of dates gone wrong -- as well as people who can write a good 5-word joke about one.

From seriously awkward conversation starters ("I'm not racist but...") to levels of discomfort we can only imagine ("His ankle bracelet started beeping") and some clever nods to dating in the movies ("Titanic"), here are some of the funniest #WorstDateIn5Words tweets the Internet had to offer:

Men's Rights Activist His Mom Bought Dinner Hemingway Off Base Flashback To 2012 IT'S A TRAP Oh, Baby [Shiver] That Never Ends Well Neither Does This Three's A Crowd Gotta Stay Moisturized Damn You, Chris Hardwick Check, Please! Every Rose For Herself I'll Show You My Record If You Show Me Yours Tough Roomie Sitch Whoops, Gotta Run! Hat Game Level: Zero 'Nuff Said "Ghostbusters" Rules


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