12/19/2014 03:55 pm ET

Why You'll Soon See Goths At The Gym

"Health" and "goth" aren't exactly two words that appear in sentences often, unless you're reading one of the recent news or trend stories on the health goth subculture anywhere from HuffPost Healthy Living to The New York Times. This unique group has grown exponentially in the past year and may have started, according to one adherent recently interviewed on HuffPost Live, with goths who wanted to dress in comfortable workout gear at the club.

However strange, the name refers to exactly what it sounds like: health goths are goths who happen to enjoy working out. A HuffPost Live roundtable discussion on Dec. 19 included several tattooed, pierced goth types who freely admitted to healthy living principles.

"For me, it's a mindset of when you're deep and it's a very dark mindset, so people don't see being healthy as a part of it," Rashard Tyler, a musician and health goth enthusiast, told host Marc Lamont Hill. "For me, when I work out, that's how I cleanse and keep the darkness and the anger inside."

Watch the rest of the clip above for more insight, and catch the full HuffPost Live conversation here.



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