12/19/2014 04:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hire A Hairy Man In Boy Shorts If You Really Want To Raise Money

Not that you needed any, but here’s more proof that sex –- of any kind –- sells.

Eager to encourage donors to give back this season, UK’s Save the Children commissioned British comedian Harry Enfield to strut down the beach in the middle of winter wearing nothing but the hair on his back and some teeny red boy shorts.

The short spot is a spoof of Southern Comfort’s recent "Whatever's Comfortable" campaign, which featured your everyday man who ambles on the sand until finally gets his hands on a glass of the sweet liqueur, Adweek pointed out.

But in the nonprofit’s version of the ad, Enfield concludes his walk by putting on a classic holiday sweater and grabbing a donation bucket. The added layer of clothing reminded supporters to get involved with the organization’s Christmas Jumper Day.

The campaign, -- which kicked off on Dec. 12 -- called on the UK to put on their Christmas pullovers and then make a donation to Save the Children.

It asked adults to give 2 pounds (about $3) and for children to donate 1 pound (about $1.50).

It may not seem like much, but the organization noted that just 2 pounds could buy potentially life-saving antibiotics to treat three newborns fighting infections.

'Tis the season to give -- and wear pants, might we add. Brrr.

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