12/22/2014 10:50 am ET

Media Personalities Bid A Touching Farewell To CNN's Candy Crowley

After 27 years at CNN, Candy Crowley said goodbye to the network on Sunday after an in-depth, wide-ranging conversation with President Barack Obama on "State of the Union."

A well-respected and award-winning journalist, Crowley will surely be missed not only by viewers, but her colleagues in the media across networks. After rolling footage of Crowley asking President Ronald Reagan her first question as a member of the White House press corps, in July 1983, anchors such as Fox News' Chris Wallace, CBS News' Bob Schieffer, NBC News' Chuck Todd and CNN's Wolf Blitzer, among others, looked into the camera to express their adulation for their departing colleague.

While many spoke of her accomplishments as a reporter, CNN chief congressional correspondent Dana Bash offered a glimpse into the mentorship she received from Crowley as a female journalist in TV news.

"What [viewers] don't get to see is how kind and funny and nurturing you've been to me and so many others, especially women." she said. "You're my mentor, my friend, and we're all going to miss you."