12/22/2014 02:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

When Jiff The Pomeranian Helps Pop The Question, There Is Only One Answer

Who could say no to cute, fluffy and irresistible? A Washington, D.C.-area man enlisted the help of a famous pomeranian to help him propose on Friday.

Jeff Ferraro told The Huffington Post that his girlfriend, Lauren Russo, is a huge fan of the social media star pooch Jiff. So Ferraro arranged with Jiff's handler to post a video online of Jiff with a sign that reads, "Lauren, Jiff thinks you should marry Jeff."


A video posted by jiff (@jiffpom) on

Ferraro's plan was to invite Russo to go check out the Capitol Christmas Tree together on Friday, where he would show her the video on a cell phone and officially pop the question.

But things didn't go quite as planned. When they arrived, Russo thought it odd that Ferraro wanted to show her a new Jiff video, and she wouldn't hold her cell phone because her hands were too cold, Ferraro said, laughing. He then got out his own cell phone.

After watching the video, Russo said she agreed with Jiff and began to cry, Ferraro said. Then Ferraro asked her to marry him, but a silent Russo just held out her left hand.

"I asked her, 'Well is that a yes?' And she said 'Yes,'" Ferraro told HuffPost.

Here's the end result of Jiff's proposal assist. Good dog!