12/22/2014 09:04 am ET Updated Dec 22, 2014

You Are Allowed To Eat This Holiday Season

Jupiterimages via Getty Images

The radio ads started at the beginning of December, reminding people that they should drink out of tall, slender glasses and avoiding standing by the buffet table if they wanted to keep themselves from giving in to temptation over the holiday season. And, I mean, sure, if that's how you roll, drink all the sparkling water out of champagne flutes that you want. I will take any excuse to drink from a champagne flute because they make me feel fancy.

But if that isn't how you want to party, if you're beating yourself up because you are already looking forward to the zucchini latkes with chili flakes or whatever special food that your family only makes during this season, there really is an alternative. And that alternative is to remember one thing.

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