12/23/2013 11:45 pm ET Updated Dec 23, 2014

27 Gorgeous, Celebratory Canapé Recipes

Christmas may be over, but party season is still in full swing (and will be straight through summer, according to us.)New Year's Eve is just a few days away, and after that you've got your mid-January Let's Celebrate Something So We Don't Just Sleep For Six Months affairs to host and attend. We're here to help improve your fancy snack arsenal. Winter is definitely the season to whip up group-oriented comfort food, like baked brie, party dips, and naturally, nachos, but sometimes when we're feeling a little shlumpy, we crave something a little more upscale. We are referring, of course, to canapé recipes.

Canapés have picked up a lot of different definitions over the years. Some people use the word canapé to refer to any small appetizer you can eat in one or two bites with your fingers. Others insist that it must be a decorative appetizer on a round, square or rectangle of toasted or fried bread. For our purposes today, we're thinking of a canapé as something pretty to look at, easy to eat, usually on a toast or cracker, but not always (since we know there are party guests who just don't want to eat a piece of bread with every bite). Here are 27 canapé recipes to help you end 2014 on a classy note and start 2015 with a little extra glam. 'Cuz you deserve it.

Canapé Recipes (List)

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