12/24/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 29, 2014

The New 'Butter Crayon' Isn't Actually New At All... But Toast Still Needs It Desperately

Don Chouinard

It's the best thing for sliced bread.

The Butter Crayon makes it astoundingly simple to slather butter onto foods of all kinds, lovingly encasing each stick in a silicone embrace, with a handy peephole at the end for dispensing dairy. The invention hit Kickstarter this month -- and after breaking out the toast in an excited flurry, we realized this concept isn't quite anything new.

Turns out butter dispensers have been on the market for a while... like, a long while.

Nevertheless, we can't help but praise the existence of these doohickeys. As a new addition to our kitchen, they'd allow us to slide warm, melty goodness easily onto pancakes, meat and corn. They'd be most beneficial for toast, offering a smooth glide without the obnoxious crumbling or clumping caused by cold butter chunks. We imagine the Butter Crayon would make buttering pans much easier, too.

Butter Crayon founder Don Chouinard says his invention is different from already-existing ones for two reasons: it allows butter to retract back into the casing (as opposed to only popping out), and the Butter Crayon can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so gourmet grilled cheese lovers can butter hot pans without melting the device.

In other words, it's a butter dispenser for the generation that buys $49 butter.

Chouinard hopes to have the Butter Crayon fully funded on Kickstarter by mid-January -- in the meantime, you can find similar products online. Whether it's newfangled or not, we do know that this baby is going on our must-have list for 2015.

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