12/24/2014 08:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Best Impromptu Celebrations Of All Time

There ain’t no party like an impromptu party -- and we’re not talking about your average, run-of-the-mill surprise birthday, either (though those certainly have their entertainment value in the fun department). No, we’re talking about the revelers that show up in droves, carrying nothing but an intense need for merrymaking and wearing nothing but their party pants. You know the kind.

Here’s a look at the best unscripted celebrations of all time, brought to you in partnership with Juicy Fruit. So let’s all work to bring a little more #SpontaneousFun into our lives, one impromptu party at a time.

One Minute Dance Party in “30 Rock”

We get it. Sometimes you just really need to dance… especially in the middle of your office, where there’s a large chance your boss could walk in at any moment and catch you mid-booty pop. But for what Liz Lemon lacks in social skills, she more than makes up for with those moves.

Dance-off at the Detroit Pistons Game

This party started off with two unlikely participants: an adorably enthusiastic eight-year-old in the stands, and a very skilled usher working on the other side of the stadium. But everyone joined in on the fun after the DanceCam video went viral, even Jimmy Kimmel. We’re still trying to decide who won this competition of smooth moves.

Team Ghana In The 2014 World Cup

Even though Germany would go on to clinch the winning game in the finals, we’re still obsessed with the Ghanaian team. Not to mention these sweet celebratory moves following Asamoah Gyan’s goal against the Germans earlier in the competition. We’re all for breaking into impulsive song and dance in front of an international audience -- especially when you look this cool doing it.

N.C. State Rushes the Court

Diehard North Carolina State basketball fan Will Privette is probably more well-known than the star players that took down No. 1 ranked Duke in 2013. The college senior’s wheelchair rushed the court alongside fellow students following the big win as part of what he told USA TODAY was the “dumbest thing” he’d do in college. But amidst all that excitement, who wouldn’t want to celebrate with the team!?

The Harlem Shake

Naysayers might argue that this viral YouTube sensation clearly requires at least a modicum of planning. (Outfits and sweet moves aside, participants do make an effort to actually film themselves.) But to say their inclusion into the impromptu party hall of fame should be dismissed? Not so fast, fun-haters.

Just think about it: what else says “spontaneous” like a group of overly enthusiastic dancers joining their lone masked friend for a wild electronic music dance party, solely for the internet’s enjoyment? Nothing compares, so don’t even try.

Cast of “Lion King” Takes Over NYC Subway

We can’t tell if this was a great guerilla marketing tactic for the Broadway show, or just a fun day off for the cast -- but either way, this surprise subway performance gives us chills. Watch the full performance on YouTube and dream of the day when your commute packs this much talent into one subway car.

Dave Chappelle’s Block Party

Spotted! A baby-faced J. Cole in the crowd years before his days now spent at the top of the charts.

Just before comedian Dave Chappelle went AWOL from Comedy Central, he hosted an epic concert in the heart of Brooklyn. Though the event itself featured too many big musical acts to be totally spontaneous (Kanye West, John Legend and The Roots are just a few names from the setlist) many of the party-goers were selected by Chappelle himself, bussed into a top-secret location, and surprised with the best day in hip-hop we’ve ever dreamed of. But since we weren’t cool enough to see the Fugees’s surprise reunion on Quincy Street in 2004, the documentary will have to suffice.

L Train Dance Party

Say what you will about the hipsters in Williamsburg, but at least they’re not shy when it comes to a good dance party. This adorable little girl leads a group of strangers in a spontaneous dance marathon to buskers Coyote and Crow at the Bedford L stop, and it’s pretty much the cutest thing to ever happen underground, ever.