12/26/2014 02:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Woman Allegedly Posed As Sheriff, Rammed Other Car In Road Rage


In a terrifying road rage incident caught on camera, a northern California woman allegedly identifies herself as a sheriff's deputy and tries to ram another car off of the road.

Deirdre Orozco, 50, appeared in court Tuesday following the Saturday outburst on Interstate 80, KTLA reports.

The incident began when Delanie Strykul and Vanessa Gladieux flipped off Orozco for allegedly cutting in front of them on the road.

WARNING: The following video contains language that may be inappropriate for some audiences.

“I definitely regret flipping her off,” said Strykul, according to the Sacramento Bee. “I’m not proud of that.”

In response, Orozco allegedly forced Strykul and Gladieux of of the road. She then walked over and flashed a badge, but Strykul said she and Gladieux didn't buy it.

“Her identification badge says ‘Visiting Angels’ and then it has her name, and we tried to Google it and Visiting Angels is like a senior home care place,” Gladieux told Fox40.

KTLA reports:

Strykul called 911 at that point, her voice filled with panic as she alerted a dispatcher to the unfolding situation. A dispatcher told them to exit the freeway and head to a nearby California Highway Patrol office.

As the two drove off in their vehicle, Orozco’s pickup truck hit them, forcing their car off the side of the road, according to Gladieux.

Orozco is charged with assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, unlawful use of a badge, reckless driving and resisting arrest, according to the New York Daily News.

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