12/27/2014 02:44 pm ET Updated Dec 28, 2014

Amazing 'Wheel Of Fortune' Guess Helps Break Show Record

It looks like someone is going to be buying a lot more than vowels.

"Wheel of Fortune" contestant Matt DeSanto got things started right on Friday's episode with a pretty amazing guess. After getting just one letter in the puzzle, DeSanto correctly guessed "The Lone Ranger," and, if you can believe it, things just got better from there. DeSanto went on to sweep all the puzzles in the main game, taking home a huge grand total and a "Wheel of Fortune" record:

There seem to be an inordinate amount "Wheel of Fortune" fails nowadays, so seeing a contestant totally dominate is definitely a big change. DeSanto's one-letter guess lets him join Emil De Leon, aka the "New Baby Buggy" guy, as some of the contestants with the most incredible puzzle wins. However, his main game totals put him in a category all his own.



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