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14 Out-Of-The-Box Awards For The Celebrity Baby Names Of 2014

2014 was an amazing year for starbaby names. The names celebrities chose for their babies ranged from classics like Rosemary, Frances, Evelyn and Eric to gender-benders, oddball spellings, and words refigured as names.

This year, parents gave their daughters traditionally males name -- celebrity daughters included Wyatt, Asa, Bowie, River and Mars. Other trends included generic nature names like Vale and Delta, vintage choices like Hazel and Jane and Rose, and lots of nickname names, including Drew Barrymore’s cute Frankie.

Here are the Nameberry Awards for the best, the worst, and the wildest:

Best smoosh name

alyssa milano elizabella

Elizabella, daughter of Alyssa Milano

Merging the megapopular classic Elizabeth with the overworked "Twilight"-infused Bella yields a lovely new name, one we can expect to see more of. This also gets the Celebrity Name Most Likely to be Imitated Award.

Longest alliterative sibset

bill hader maggie

Hayley, Hannah & Harper, daughters of Bill Hader

The recent arrival of third daughter Hayley rounds out this trifecta of HH-monogrammed girls in the Hader family. Not exactly reaching the Duggar dimension, but a good start.

Most adorable alliterative pairing

scott caan

Josie James, daughter of Scott Caan

We’re loving the rhythm of James Caan’s grandbaby’s name and the idea of combining a nostalgic vintage nickname with the classic, traditionally male name of her grandpa. Others in this category are Marshall Allman’s June Joanne, Eva Amurri Martino’s Marlowe Mae, Kelly Clarkson’s River Rose, and Bijou Phillips’ Fianna Francis.

Best roots-inspired name

daphne oz

Philomena, daughter of Daphne Oz

Philomena is moving in on last year’s Penelope as the new Greek name on the block, chosen as a first name by "The Chew’s" Daphne Oz (daughter of Dr. Oz) and as a middle by Megan Hilty for her daughter Viola. Runner up is Esmeralda, the seductive choice of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, inspired by "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" character.

Most surprising girls’ middle-name sensation

mariah carey daughter

Monroe, ubiquitous

Before Mariah Carey bestowed this name on her twin daughter in 2011, in tribute to her idol Marilyn, Monroe was a middle-aged accountant with a name that hadn’t been in the Top 1000 for forty years. It has now become a middle name du jour, picked by Jenna Von Oy (Marlowe Monroe), Tila Tequila (Isabella Monroe), Rosie Pope (Bridget Monroe), and yes, even for one boy, Poppy Montgomery’s Gus Monroe.

Revived vintage name with most dramatic turnaround

emily blunt

Hazel, daughter of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

What a difference a decade makes. Regarded as fusty and frumpy when Julia Roberts chose it in 2004, Hazel has had a complete image reversal, now seen as a soft and appealing nature name. She’s well on her way, now at Number 157, and likely to go higher as a result of the celebrity link.

Most bizarre name inspiration

mike myers kelly tisdale

Sunday, daughter of Mike Myers

Mike, also dad to Spike, explained the day-of-the-week choice for his daughter was because “Me and my wife Kelly hate Sundays” -- so it’s now this little girl’s challenge to turn that around. An even more bizarre inspiration was Jason Biggs’ son Sid, whose mom, Jenny Mollen, said, “He’s not this sweet baby I thought I’d have…so we decided on Sid, because Sid Caesar had just died and I liked Sid Vicious and he just felt like a little old man in a pinstriped suit, betting on the ponies. Okay!

Most androgynous sibset

soleil moon

Poet, Jagger & Lyric, children of Soleil Moon Frye

Uniquely named Soleil Moon Frye welcomed son Lyric Sonny Roads this year, joining sisters Poet Sienna Rose and Jagger Joseph Blue.

Most surreal sibset

pete wentz meagan

Pete Wentz’s newborn Saint Lazslo, joining big bro Bronx Mowgli.

Most forward-looking baby name

ciara future

Future, son of Ciara and Future

The rapper born Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn opted to bestow on his son his optimistic stage name.

Latest reality show possibility

teen mom

Jaxie, daughter of Mackenzie Douthit

The reality show "Teen Mom" has shown its powerful influence before -- when Bentley, the stuffy British surname/luxe car brand, zoomed up the charts via the son of teen star Maci Bookout, and again with the boy name Jace, a "Teen Mom 2" pick. Jaxie is right in line to follow, with its bouncy feel and resemblance to already popular Max, Jax, and Jaxon et al.

Craziest combo

tom fletcher giovanna

Buzz Michelangelo, son of Tom Fletcher

The McFly crooner merged the name of an astronaut/"Toy Story" character with a great Italian Renaissance sculptor. Really? And yet somehow it works. Runner up is Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s Bodhi Ransom, combining the conflicting concepts of enlightenment and criminal payoff.

Most fairy-tale-brought-to-life name

rachel bilson hayden

Briar Rose, daughter of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen

Instead of the more predictable Aurora, this celeb couple went for her Disneyfied alternate name in Sleeping Beauty, projecting an ethereal aura that will cling to this girl for life.

Breeziest baby name

sean parker wedding

Zephyr, son of Sean Parker

…And finally…..

Battle of the Titans -- or which starbaby will rule the world competition

Will Kourtney Kardashian’s Reign reign or will L’il Kim’s Royal Reign reign? Will Kelly Rowland’s Titan be more titanic? Will Jenelle Evans’s Kaiser live up to the meaning -- emperor -- of his name? Or will Gwen Stefani’s Greek sun god Apollo become all-powerful? Or perhaps Omarion’s Megaa prove to be the most mega of all? Stay tuned.

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