12/30/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 30, 2014

The Best Recipes That Came From Food Bloggers In 2014

A Beautiful Mess

If there's one thing the world doesn't need more of, it's food bloggers. The Internet is packed -- stuffed and basically bursting at the seams -- with thousands upon thousands of food blogs. After a while, they all sort of look the same and if you spend too much time browsing, you run the risk of getting turned off from cooking altogether. The staggering number of questionable food blogs out there does serve some purpose, however. It makes the good ones shine like stars.

We at HuffPost Taste do, admittedly, love food blogs and we're always so thankful when we find a really good one. Good food blogs make our stomachs grumble, inspire us to share food photos with each other and urge us to rush home after work and try our hand at a new recipe. We're really fortunate for all the food bloggers we work with, and this year, with stunning recipes like vegan lemon berry ice box tart and crockpot crispy caramelized pork ramen noodle soup with curry roasted acorn squash, we were especially grateful. It was a great year for vegetable-centric dishes, for slow cooker recipes and for dazzling desserts. As thanks to all of the wonderful food blogs we get to peruse, drool over and feature on HuffPost Taste, we've rounded up some of 2014's greatest recipes.

Here are 41 of the best recipes that our favorite food blogs brought us this year:

Recipes From Our Food Bloggers In 2014

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