12/29/2014 12:09 pm ET Updated Dec 29, 2014

Sitcoms With A Feminist Rewrite Are Pretty Damn Flawless

Quite a few new sitcoms were full of subtle sexism this year, from "Cristela" to "Mulaney." But one woman has some suggested improvements.

Comedian Cynthia Kao re-dubbed scenes from several fall 2014 TV shows, replacing lines that disparage women with those that support them, and ones that reinforce gender stereotypes with those that break them down.

For example, a scene where one woman is listing another woman's accomplishments, and then says "basically, she's a whore," Kao changes that to "basically, she's adorbs." A rant on a female character's excessive concern about marriage becomes an explanation of how women are socialized to see marriage as an ultimate goal. And water-cooler chatter slut-shaming a colleague for her sexy outfit sounds way better when the woman's coworkers celebrate that she can wear whatever she wants and be successful at her job.

Watch the full video above.

h/t Wifey TV



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