12/29/2014 02:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pranksters Tell Boss They Blew The Budget, Actually Donated It To People In Need

Considering he runs a popular prank call app, Fahim Saleh should’ve known his employees would pull a fast one on him when the opportunity presented itself.

For the holidays, Saleh, CEO of, hired a filmmaking group to produce a branded comedy video. But T.J. Misny and Jason Park decided to prank Saleh in the best way they knew how instead.

The pair first produced a campy video packed with extraneous sex scenes and cheesy stock photography. After they previewed the video, and sufficiently horrified Saleh, they showed him what they really spent nearly their entire budget on -- helping New Yorkers in need.

The two gave $7,500 to three deserving individuals, including Shawanna Vaughn, a single mother who was profiled by The Huffington Post last month. Vaughn, who is legally blind and supports her two children on $21,000 a year, said the boost couldn’t have come at a better time.

"The prank, even though you think it’s on you, it’s not," Vaughn said. "I hope you prosper and prosper. So if this is your prank, you [should] continue to bless other people."

If you'd like to help Shawanna Vaughn and her kids, find out more about her Crowdrise campaign and donate using the widget below.

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