12/31/2014 12:42 pm ET Updated Dec 31, 2014

5-Year-Old Son Of 'Amazing Spider-Dad' Dies

Jayden Wilson, the 5-year-old son of "The Amazing Spider-Dad," died on Christmas Eve after a battle with brain cancer.

"Jayden fought an amazing battle. By far he was the most bravest person we know," a Dec. 26 post on the Hope For Jayden Facebook page reads. "But unfortunately late on Christmas Eve, Jayden Died peacefully in his sleep, warm in his bed. He looked so relaxed with a very subtle grin on his face. We believe he waited to be out of hospital to be with his family in the most safest place he knew."

Jayden was diagnosed with a grade 4 brain stem tumor when he was 4 years old. He was given a year to live.

Because Spider-Man was "one of his favorite heroes," according to The Independent, Jayden's dad, Mike Wilson, dressed up as Spider-Man for his son's fifth birthday in November and jumped from the roof of his home in south-central England as a birthday surprise.

“I’m so proud I managed to do this for him,” Mike wrote below the YouTube video at the time. “Today [Jayden] is still with us fighting [his illness] all the way, but at least he has Spider-Man to take care of him.”




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