01/06/2015 05:08 pm ET Updated Jan 06, 2015

Aviva Drescher's 'Real Housewives Of New York' Leg Toss Was Her Way Of 'Earning Her Keep'

Reality TV was changed forever when "Real Housewives of New York City" star Aviva Drescher was broadcast yanking off her prosthetic leg, tossing it to the floor of Le Cirque and announcing that the "only thing that's fake or artificial" about her was that limb.

But while it didn't earn the housewife a role in the next season of the hit Bravo show, Drescher explained that her dramatic sequence -- fondly dubbed the "leg toss heard round the world" -- was an act not made in earnest, but instead for the viewers at home.

"I looked at being a 'Housewife' as being a job to entertain people," she told host Nancy Redd in a Tuesday conversation with HuffPost Live. "It [the leg toss] was a piece of entertainment. I think the highest ratings of the entire season was that episode."

The mother of four claims that she was "asked to be dramatic" by the network.

"I tried my best," she said. "I felt an obligation to earn my keep."

But Drescher insists that she didn't ask Bravo for more money in exchange for pulling the stint, something fellow housewife Heather Thompson claimed in a HuffPost Live interview late last year. Drescher did admit to having discussed a variation of her plan with Thompson beforehand, however.

"I think we were joking around about hitting Ramona on the head with my leg," she recalled.

Watch more from Aviva Drescher's conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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