01/09/2015 01:57 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How A Mom's Words Impact Her Daughter (Especially About Weight) (VIDEO)

Dominique, 21, blames her mom for her lifelong struggle with weight. “My mother is always mean to me and constantly making comments about my weight," says Dominique. "She’s always telling me that I’m gaining weight, and I shouldn’t be doing that. She’s always picking on me.”

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Her mom, JoAnn, explains, “I’m always on Dominique’s back to lose weight because I’m afraid she’s going to lose control. She needs that little push. I feel like I have to keep on her.”

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About a year ago, their relationship turned ugly when JoAnn called Dominique a "fat ass." Watch Dr. Phil's powerful experiment in the video above, in which he shows JoAnn how her words impact her daughter's self-esteem.

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