01/13/2015 03:42 am ET Updated Jan 13, 2015

Bob Newhart's Doppelganger Is A College Football Ref And The Duck Becomes A Meme

The first-ever College Football Playoff national championship game gave us more than just a big winner on Monday night as Ohio State defeated Oregon. It also gave us some of the weirdest images ever to emerge from a sports game.

Early in the night, head referee Greg Burks got plenty of attention -- not over a blown call, but because he looks like a certain film and TV legend.

The resemblance was so striking that #BobNewhart was trending on Monday night. The man himself eventually weighed in on Twitter, and he didn't exactly deny that it was him.

But that was just the opening act. Things got really weird when Oregon's mascot, The Duck (or someone dressed like him), appeared to flash a pair of radio hosts at the game.

Yes, you read that correctly. One minute, the duck was doing a ducky dance...

The next, radio show host and former linebacker Brian Jones threw a little cash his way, and The Duck reacted like a drunk college student in a spring break video:

The Duck also became a meme for his run across the field:

Expect to see this become the new face (and beak) of the quick getaway:

Here it is in slow motion with some heroic music:



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