01/13/2015 03:34 pm ET Updated Jan 16, 2015

Eddie Murphy Releases New Reggae Track 'Oh Jah Jah' And It Will Have You Jamming (LISTEN)


Earlier this month legendary comedian-actor Eddie Murphy released his latest reggae-themed track online entitled, "Oh Jah Jah," via VP records. The nearly-four minute song, which is a far cry from his 1985 Rick James-produced jam “Party All the Time,” finds Murphy returning to a Caribbean vibe similar to his previous 2013 single, “Red Light.”

The 53-year-old has expressed interest in commercially releasing a reggae album but he recently revealed to Rolling Stone magazine that the decision is ultimately up to his fans.

“If people respond to ["Oh Jah Jah"], then I might. If people don't, that shit will just stay on the shelf where it's at. And I'm cool with that,” he said after revealing he has over 20 years worth of recorded material with other musicians. “I'm cool with all my shit being on the shelf until 100 years from now…”

“Any artist that did anything, once you're gone, they go looking through all your shit. Like this scrap of paper that you drew on. If I'm doing a movie or if I'm going onstage, that's me being funny,” he added. “But music, I do that all the time, for free. And if you do something for years and years and years and years, eventually you gonna get a little better at it. I got some stuff now."

Check out Eddie Murphy’s new song "Oh Jah Jah" below;



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