01/14/2015 09:52 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Meet Millo, The Street Artist Who Paints Massive Monochromatic Murals Around Italy

Meet Millo. The Italian street artist, also known as Francesco Camillo Giorgino, is well known in cities like Florence and Rome. Last year, he painted 13 massive murals in the town of Turin alone, as part of the B.Art competition in 2014. His work can also be seen in Paris and London, Luxemburg and Rio de Janeiro, revealing a consistently simple, monochromatic style matched with bits of color and whimsical characterizations.


Cristina Bigliatti

Born in 1979, Millo began his artistic career as a student of architecture, which might account for his keen sense of space, and his ability to fill an exterior facade with such perfectly shaped designs. “I started just doing stuff for myself, I didn’t have it in my mind that I’d be doing it as a job, I just painted because I liked to paint," Millo said of his early days painting, in an interview with the UK-based blog Inspiring City. In lieu of more conventional job opportunities, he made art his profession, participating in exhibitions and mural festivals to make a name for himself.

Now, he squeezes epic landscapes onto the sides of residential and commercial sites, populating his creative worlds with gigantic, child-like figures who play with makeshift telephones and building blocks and paper cranes and trains. Sometimes coyly surreal, other times borderline terrifying, his designs appear like Brazilian brothers Os Gemeos' street art mixed with the black-and-white world of graphic novelist Yumi Sakugawa. Needless to say, we like it.

We reached out to Millo for a selection of his works over the past few years. Below is glimpse into the Italian artist's oeuvre, and a video of the master at work. Enjoy.




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